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George E. Probst (1917-1986) held many positions in both broadcasting and education from 1944 to 1983: Executive Director, Office of Radio and Television, University of Chicago (1944-1954); Founder, director and Producer, University of Chicago Roundtable (NBC) (1944-1954); Chairman, committee that presented before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the case for assigning television channels for education (1949-1950): Chairman, finance committee, Joint Committee on Educational Television (JCET) (1950-1952); Chairman, Committee of all educational institutions, Chicago Metropolitan Area Educational Television (1951-1953; Chairman, Adult Education Committee administering Fund for Adult Education grant for production of radio series The Jefferson Heritage (co-author), Ways of Mankind, People Under Communism, Voice of Europe (1951-1953); Director, radio and television programming, WGBH (Boston, MA) (1954); Co-founder, President, Broadcast Foundation of America (1955-1983); Producer, director, writer, Democracy in America, a series based on Alexis de Tocqueville's observations of American life and politics (1958); Director, National Educational Television and Radio Center (1960-1966); Executive Director, National Commission for Cooperative Education (1966-1976); Consultant, U.S. Office of Education (1968-1976).

From the guide to the George E. Probst Papers, 1970, 2007, 1970, (National Public Broadcasting Archives)

Born: 1917
Died: 1986

Alternate Names: Probst, George E., Probst, George Edward
Occupation(s): broadcasting executive, consultant, television producer
Field(s) of Work: broadcasting, education
Employer(s): Office of Education, WGBH, National Educational Television, University of Chicago

Appears in:

National Association of Educational Broadcasters (NAEB) 25