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Harold Eugene Hill was born on September 7, 1918. He earned his B.S. from the University of Illinois in 1940, the same year he entered the Army. Hill moved to reserve status in 1946 and worked as an instructor at the University of Illinois College of Journalism and Communications beginning in 1947 until 1954. During this time, he also served as an announcer, writer, producer, production director, and program director for WILL, the University of Illinois' educational radio station. In 1954 Hill earned his M.S. in Journalism from the University of Illinois, writing The National Association of Educational Broadcasters: A History in partial fulfillment of that degree.

In 1954, Hill was hired as the Associate Director of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters, and later became the Administrative Vice President. He served in this position until at least 1961.

Hill also held several consultant, committee, and council positions, including Radio-TV consultant to the National Project in Agricultural Communications, service on the Executive Committee of the Audio-Visual Council on Public Information, the Council of National Organizations, the National Industry Advisory Committee of the Federal Communications Commission, and the Educational Media Council. Hill died on March 13, 2000.

Born: 1918
Died: 2000

Occupation(s): broadcasting executive, Radio Executive
Field(s) of Work: broadcasting, education
Employer(s): National Association of Educational Broadcasters, University of Illinois system
Associated Place(s): Urbana (Ill.), Illinois

Appears in:

National Association of Educational Broadcasters (NAEB) 86

Documents 86