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John W. Dunn was born on December 2, 1903. For much of his career, he worked at the University of Oklahoma, at WNAD radio station from at least 1947 to at least 1955, and as Director of the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority and Director of Radio and Television at the University of Oklahoma in 1954.

Dunn held many positions in the National Association of Educational Broadcasters. From 1944-1946, he was a member of the NAEB Board of Directors. From 1947-1948, he was the NAEB Vice President. Also in 1947, he proposed the NAEB adopt a regional model, in which every U.S. state was divided into one of six regions. This proposal was adopted and became integral to the NAEB's operations over the years. From 1951-1952, Dunn again served on the Board of Directors, and in 1952 was also the Region V Director and the chair of the NAEB Membership Committee. In 1953 and 1954, Dunn once again served as the NAEB's Vice President. Dunn died on September 28, 1991 and is buried in Norman, Oklahoma.

Born: 1903
Died: 1991

Occupation(s): broadcasting executive, Radio Executive
Field(s) of Work: broadcasting
Employer(s): University of Oklahoma
Associated Place(s): Oklahoma, Norman (Okla.)

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National Association of Educational Broadcasters (NAEB) 32

Documents 32

Wisconsin Public Radio (WHA) 1

University of Oklahoma-WNAD recording 1