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Karl Schmidt was a radio executive and host for station WHA at the University of Wisconsin. Schmidt began broadcasting for WHA as a student at the University of Wisconsin in 1941. After leaving the university during World War II to serve as a broadcaster for Armed Forces Radio and a brief stint in New York, Schmidt returned to Wisconsin. While at WHA, he served as a producer, host, chief operator, director of radio, and director of the National Center for Audio Experimentation. Schmidt produced and hosted many series for WHA, including "America on stage," "Chapter a day," and "Earplay". He was inducted into the Wisconsin Broadcaster's Hall of Fame in 2013. Schmidt died in 2016.

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Died: 2016

Occupation(s): broadcasting executive, broadcaster, administrator, producer, radio executive
Field(s) of Work: broadcasting
Employer(s): University of Wisconsin–Madison, American Forces Network
Associated Place(s): Madison (Wis.)

Appears in:

National Association of Educational Broadcasters (NAEB) 91

Wisconsin Public Radio (WHA) 104

Book Trails (Radio program) 23

University Forum 17

Wisconsin Forward (Centennial Series) 1

Wisconsin Idea Radio Theatre (Radio program) 1