Entity | Betty McKenzie

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Elizabeth McKenzie, known as Betty, was the Publications Editor for the National Association of Educational Broadcasters during the early 1960s.

Born Elizabeth Adams to Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Adams in Gary, Indiana, Betty attended the University of Indiana, and subsequently married physician Leonard J. McKenzie on May 27, 1948. They moved from Madison to Champaign, Illinois around 1956, after which Betty began working at the NAEB. Betty's tenure with the organization showed that she was nearly universally respected by her colleagues and NAEB executives and leadership. During her tenure as Editor, she corresponded with almost every executive, and was in attendance at nearly every major NAEB meeting and convention during the 50s through much of the 1960s, drafting editorial policies and championing the NAEB in her own separate publications.

Alternate Names: E.A. McKenzie, Elizabeth McKenzie
Occupation(s): editor, Editor
Field(s) of Work: publishing
Employer(s): National Association of Educational Broadcasters
Associated Place(s): Illinois, Champaign (Ill.)