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Farrington Daniels
Farrington Daniels (March 8, 1889 – June 23, 1972) was an American physical chemist who is considered one of the pioneers of the modern direct use of solar energy. Daniels was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on March 8, 1889. Daniels began day school in 1895 at the Kenwood School and then on to Douglas School. As a boy, he was fascinated with Thomas Edison, Samuel F. B. Morse, Alexander Graham Bell, and John Charles Fields. He decided early that he wanted to be an electrician and inventor. He attended Central and East Side high schools. By this point he liked chemistry and physics, but equally enjoyed “Manual Training."
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Born: 1889, Minneapolis
Died: 1972, Madison

Alternate Names: Daniels, Farrington, 1889-1972, Daniels, Farrington, Daniels, F. (Farrington), 1889-1973, Daniels, Farrington, 1889-, Даниэльс, Ф 1889-1972, Daniel's, F., Danièl's, F.
Occupation(s): chemist, physicist, engineer
Employer(s): University of Wisconsin–Madison

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