Entity | Raymond J. Stanley

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Raymond J. Stanley was a producer, radio actor, and executive who worked at station WHA at the University of Wisconsin, station WOSU-TV at Ohio State University, and the Educational Broadcasting Facilities Program in the U.S. Office of Education. At the University of Wisconsin, Stanley was the director University of Wisconsin Television Laboratory around 1959. He worked for WOSU-TV around 1963, and the Educational Broadcasting Facilities Program around 1969.

Alternate Names: Stanley, Ray
Occupation(s): producer, actor, broadcasting executive, administrator, radio executive
Field(s) of Work: broadcasting
Employer(s): University of Wisconsin–Madison, Ohio State University, Office of Education
Associated Place(s): Madison (Wis.), Columbus (Ohio)

Appears in:

Wisconsin Public Radio (WHA) 113

Let's Find Out 48

Wisconsin Idea Radio Theatre (Radio program) 1