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Frédéric Chopin
Frédéric François Chopin[n 1] (born Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin;[n 2][n 3] 1 March 1810 – 17 October 1849) was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic period, who wrote primarily for solo piano. He has maintained worldwide renown as a leading musician of his era, one whose "poetic genius was based on a professional technique that was without equal in his generation". Chopin was born in Żelazowa Wola in the Duchy of Warsaw and grew up in Warsaw, which in 1815 became part of Congress Poland. A child prodigy, he completed his musical education and composed his earlier works in Warsaw before leaving Poland at the age of 20, less than a month before the outbreak of the November 1830 Uprising. At 21, he settled in Paris. Thereafter – in the last 18 years of his life – he gave only 30 public performances, preferring the more intimate atmosphere of the salon. He supported himself by selling his compositions and by giving piano lessons, for which he was in high demand. Chopin formed a friendship with Franz Liszt and was admired by many of his other musical contemporaries, including Robert Schumann.
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Born: 1810, Żelazowa Wola
Died: 1849, Paris

Alternate Names: Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszek, Chopin Fryderyk Franciszek 1810-1849, Chopin, Frederic, 1810-1849, Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849, Chopin, ..., Chopin, Fryderyk, 1810-1849, Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849., Chopin, Frédéric, Chopin, Frédéric François, 1810-1849, Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849, Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849. no. 2, op. 21,, Chopin, Frédéric (Fryderyk Franciszek), 1810-1849, Шопен, Фридерик Франтишек, 1810-1849, Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszek, 1810-1849, composer, Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849. no. 1, op. 11,, Chopin, Frederic Francois, שופן, פרדריק, 1810-1849, Shuban, Fridirik, Chopin , Fryderyk, Chopin, Frederik, 1810-1849, Chopin, Fréd, Chopin, Frédéric Franciszek 1810-1849, Szopen, Fr, Chopin, François Frédéric, Shūpān 1810-1849, Šopin, Friderik 1810-1849, Chopin, Friedrich Franz 1810-1849, Chopin, Fryédéric, Chopin, Frederic Francois, 1810-1849, Šopen, F., Chopin, Frigyes., Šopin, Friderik 1810-1849, Chopin, Federico., Chopin, Frédéric F. 1810-1849, Chopin, Friedrich, 1810-1849, Chopin, Fréd 1810-1849, Šopen, Friderik, 1810-1849, Szopen 1810-1849, Chopin, F. F., Shūbān, Frīdirīk 1810-1849, Šopens, Frideriks, 1810-1849, Chopin-Zichy 1810-1849, Chopin, Frederick 1810-1849, Shopen, F. 1810-1849 (Frederik),, Shūbān, Frīdirīk, 1810-1849, Shobēn, Frētērikʻ 1810-1849, Šopen, Fransoa, Šopen, Friderik 1810-1849, ショパン, Chopin, Frédéric François 1810-1849, Chopin, Federic, 1810-1849, Szopen, Fryderyk Franciszek, Chopin, Frédéric Franccedilois 1810-1849, Shopan, 1810-1849, שופן, פרדריק פרנסוא, Hsiao-pang 1810-1849, Syopʻang, 1810-1849, Shobēn, Frētērikʻ, 1810-1849, Shopen, Frederik, 1810-1849, Šopen, F. 1810-1849, Шопен, Ф 1810-1849, Szopen, Fryderyk, 1810-1849, Shopen, Friderik, 1810-1849, Šopen, Friderik Francišek 1810-1849, ショパン, フレデリック, Szopen, Fryderyk, Шопен, Фредерик 1810-1849, Chopin, Fryderyk F. 1810-1849, Šopen, Friderik Francišek 1810-1849, Shūpān, 1810-1849, Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszeck, 1810-1849, Chopin, F. 1810-1849 (Frédéric),, Szopen, Fryderyk Franciszek, 1810-1849, Chopin, François Frédéric, Šopen, Frederik 1810-1849, Chopin, Frédéric Franccedilois 1810-1849, Chopin, .. 1810-1849, Шопен, Фридерик 1810-1849, Čopin, .. 1810-1849, Chopin, Frédéric F. 1810-1849, Šopen, Friderik., Chopin, Federico 1810-1849, Chopin, Frédéric François, Шопен, Ф. 1810-1849 (Фредерик),, Chopin , Frédéric, Shopen, F. 1810-1849, Chopin, F. F. 1810-1849, Chopin, Fr, 1810-1849, Šopen, Frederik 1810-1849, Shopen, F., Chopin, Frédéric Franciszek 1810-1849, Šopen, F. 1810-1849, Chopin, Fr, Chopin, Frederic, Shupan, Chopin, F. 1810-1849, Čopin, ... 1810-1849, Chopin, Frédérick, Chopin, Frederyk 1810-1849, Shopan, Chopin, Fréd. 1810-1849, Chopin, F., Shopen, Frederik, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, Frédéric François Chopin, Fr. Chopin, Frederic Chopin, Fryderyk Chopin, Chopin
Occupation(s): music teacher, musician, pianist, virtuoso, composer, Composers
Field(s) of Work: waltz, étude, art music, impromptu, prelude, Romantic music, polonaise, ballad, mazurka, western classical music, nocturne
Associated Place(s): Poland