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Ronald Maxwell Jones (28 February 1917, London – 2 August 1993, Chichester) was a British jazz author, radio host and journalist. Together with his brother Cliff, Jones taught himself to play the saxophone, before the two of them founded a dance band in 1930. Named "Campus Club Dance Band" it was semi-professional and when it was dissolved in 1935, Jones tried to establish himself as a professional musician, becoming a member of a combo led by trumpeter Johnny Claes, with musicians who played in the style of Coleman Hawkins.
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Born: 1917, London
Died: 1993, Chichester

Alternate Names: Ronald Maxwell Jones
Occupation(s): music journalist, jazz musician, non-fiction writer, saxophonist, radio personality, journalist, biographer
Field(s) of Work: jazz
Associated Place(s): United Kingdom, England, Great Britain

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