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Leonard Feather
Leonard Geoffrey Feather (13 September 1914 – 22 September 1994) was a British-born jazz pianist, composer, and producer, who was best known for his music journalism and other writing. Feather was born in London, England, into an upper middle-class Jewish family. He learned to play the piano and clarinet without formal training and started writing about jazz and film by his late teens. At the age of twenty-one, Feather made his first visit to the United States, and after working in the UK and the US as a record producer finally settled in New York City in 1939, where he lived until moving to Los Angeles in 1960. Feather was co-editor of Metronome magazine and served as chief jazz critic for the Los Angeles Times until his death.
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Born: 1914, London
Died: 1994, Encino

Alternate Names: Feather, Leonard, Feather, Leonard, 1914-1994, Feather, Leonard G., Feather, Leonard (Leonard G.), 1914-1994, Feather, Leonard (Leonard G.), 1914-, Feather, Leonard (1914- )., Feather, Leonard G., 1914-1994, Feather, Leonard Geoffrey, Feather, L. G. 1914-1994, Feather, Leonard Geoffrey, 1914-1994, Feather, Léonard G. 1914-..., Feather, L. G., Feather, Leonard Geoffrey, 1914-, Leonard Geoffrey Feather
Occupation(s): jazz pianist, music journalist, music historian, non-fiction writer, music executive, journalist, music critic, record producer, composer, Composers
Field(s) of Work: jazz
Employer(s): Metronome, Down Beat, Los Angeles Times