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John Kenneth Galbraith
John Kenneth Galbraith[a] OC (October 15, 1908 – April 29, 2006), also known as Ken Galbraith, was a Canadian-American economist, diplomat, public official, and intellectual. His books on economic topics were bestsellers from the 1950s through the 2000s. As an economist, he leaned toward post-Keynesian economics from an institutionalist perspective. Galbraith was a long-time Harvard faculty member and stayed with Harvard University for half a century as a professor of economics. He was a prolific author and wrote four dozen books, including several novels, and published more than a thousand articles and essays on various subjects. Among his works was a trilogy on economics, American Capitalism (1952), The Affluent Society (1958), and The New Industrial State (1967). Some of his work has been criticized by economists Milton Friedman, Paul Krugman, Robert Solow, and Thomas Sowell.
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Born: 1908, Iona Station
Died: 2006, Cambridge

Alternate Names: Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908-2006, Galbraith, John Kenneth, Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908-, John Kenneth Galbraith, Galbraith, John Kennedy, 1908-, Galbraith, John Kenneth, active 1939-1987, Professor economist, Galbraith, John Kenneth, active 1929-1986, Subject of Mss Eur F236, جالبريث، جون كينيث، 1908-2006, Galbraith, J. Kenneth, Galbraith, John, Ghālbrayt, Jūn Kinīt 1908-2006, Epernay, Mark, 1908-2006, McLandress, H., Gelbrėjt, Džon 1908-2006, Gelbrėjt, Džon 1908-2006, غالبريت، جون كنيت, MacLandress Herschel 1908-2006, Gėlbreĭt, Dzhon Kennet 1908-2006, Gėlbreĭt, Dzh. K. 1908-2006, Kenneth Galbraith, John, 1908-2006, Gelbreit, Džon Kennet 1908-2006, Гэлбрейт, Джон Кеннет, 1908-2006, Gelbreit, Dzh. K. (Dzhon Kennet), 1908-, Epernay, Mark, 1908-, ガルブレース, J. K, ガルブレイス, ジョン・K, Gelbrėjt, Dž. 1908-2006, ガルブレイス, ジョン・ケネス, Galbraith, John K., Gelbreit, Dzh. K. 1908-2006, Гэлбрейт, Джон, 1908-2006, Chia-erh-pu-lei-ssu, 1908-, Gelbreit, Dzhon Kennet, 1908-, جلبريث، جون كنيث، 1908-2006, Garubureisu, Jon Kenesu, 1908-2006, Galbraith, J. K., Gelbrėjt, Dž 1908-2006, Gelbreit, Dž. K. 1908-2006, Galbraith, John Kenneth, fl. 1939-1987, Gelbreit, Dzhon Kennet 1908-2006, Gėlbreĭt, Dzh. K. 1908-2006 (Dzhon Kennet),, ジョン・K.ガルブレイス, 1908-2006, Galbraith, J.K. 1908-2006 (John Kenneth),, Gelbreit, Džon Kennet 1908-2006, Mc Landress Herschel 1908-2006, غالبريت، جون كنيت، 1908-2006, جون كينيث جالبريث، 1908-2006, ガルブレイズ, ジョン・K, جالبرث، ج.، 1908-2006, ガルブレイス, J. K, Mac Landress Herschel 1908-2006, Ghālbrayt, Jūn Kinīt 1908-2006, Gėlbreĭt, Dzhon Kennet, 1908-2006, Galbraith, John K. 1908-2006, Galbraith, J. K. (John Kenneth), 1908-, Epernay, Mark, Galbraith, J. K. 1908-2006, Gelbreit, Dž. K. 1908-2006, Chia-erh-pu-lei-ssu, 1908-2006, J.K. ガルブレイス, 1908-2006, Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1906-2008, McLandress Herschel 1908-2006, Galbraith, John Kenneth, fl. 1929-1986, John K. Galbraith
Occupation(s): writer, non-fiction writer, university teacher, diplomat, economist, ambassador, politician, Economists
Field(s) of Work: economics, diplomacy, creative and professional writing, non-fiction literature
Employer(s): Office of Price Administration, Fortune, Princeton University, Harvard University
Associated Place(s): Guatemala, United States, Bihar, India, Punjab Hills, India, Latin America, Central America, Purnea, Bihar, Argentina, Puri, Orissa, South America, Assam, India, Peru, Costa Rica, Naga Hills, Assam, Ajanta, Hyderabad State, India, Asia, Mokokchung, Assam, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Santal Parganas, Bihar