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Lukas Foss
Lukas Foss (August 15, 1922 – February 1, 2009) was a German-American composer, pianist, and conductor. Born Lukas Fuchs in Berlin, Germany in 1922, Foss was soon recognized as a child prodigy. He began piano and theory lessons with Julius Goldstein [Herford] in Berlin at the age of six. His parents were Hilde (Schindler) and the philosopher and scholar Martin Foss. He moved with his family to Paris in 1933, where he studied piano with Lazare Lévy, composition with Noël Gallon, orchestration with Felix Wolfes, and flute with Marcel Moyse. In 1937 he moved with his parents and brother to the United States, where his father (on advice from the Quakers who had taken the family in upon arrival in Philadelphia) changed the family name to Foss. He studied at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, with Isabelle Vengerova (piano), Rosario Scalero (composition) and Fritz Reiner (conducting).
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Born: 1922, Berlin
Died: 2009, Manhattan

Alternate Names: Foss, Lukas, Foss, Lukas, 1922-2009, Foss, Lukas, 1948-1982, Foss, Lukas, 1956, Foss, Lukas, b. 1922, Foss, Lucas, 1943-1959, 1962-1980, Foss, Lukas, 1922-...., Foss, Lukas, 1922-2009, composer and conductor, Foss, Lucas, Lukas Foss, Lukas Foss ?., Lukas Foss., Fuchs, Lukas, Foss, L., Fuchs, Lukas, 1922-2009, フォス, Foss, ... 1922-2009, Fuchs, Lukas, 1922-, Foss, Lucas 1922-2009, Lukas Fuchs
Occupation(s): classical composer, university teacher, pianist, conductor, Performer, Composers, Conductor
Employer(s): Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Brooklyn Philharmonic, University of California, Los Angeles, Boston University
Associated Place(s): United States

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