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Maria Tallchief
Elizabeth Marie Tallchief (Osage family name: Ki He Kah Stah Tsa; January 24, 1925 – April 11, 2013) was an American ballerina. She was considered America's first major prima ballerina. She was the first Native American (Osage Nation) to hold the rank, and is said to have revolutionized ballet. Almost from birth, Tallchief was involved in dance, starting formal lessons at age three. When she was eight, her family relocated from her birth home of Fairfax, Oklahoma, to Los Angeles, California. The purpose of the move was to advance the careers of Maria and her younger sister, Marjorie. Both sisters became dance professionals and leading figures.
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Born: 1925, Fairfax
Died: 2013, Chicago

Alternate Names: Tallchief, Maria, Tallchief, Maria, 1925-...., Tallchief, Maria 1925-2013, Tall Chief, Betty Marie 1925-2013, Balanchine, Maria Tallchief 1925-2013, Natirboff, Maria Tallchief 1925-2013, Wa-Xthe-Thonba Osage princess, Tall Chief, Elizabeth Marie, Balanchine, Maria Tallchief, Tallchief, Elizabeth Marie 1925-2013, Tall Chief, Elizabeth Marie 1925-2013, Paschen, Maria Tallchief 1925-2013, Paschen, Maria Tallchief, Wa-Xthe-Thonba 1925-2013, Tallchief, Elizabeth Marie, Elizabeth Tallchief, Elizabeth Maria Tallchief
Occupation(s): ballet dancer, Ballerinas, Dance teachers
Associated Place(s): United States

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