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Whitney Young
Whitney Moore Young Jr. (July 31, 1921 – March 11, 1971) was an American civil rights leader. Trained as a social worker, he spent most of his career working to end employment discrimination in the United States and turning the National Urban League from a relatively passive civil rights organization into one that aggressively worked for equitable access to socioeconomic opportunity for the historically disenfranchised. Young was born in Shelby County, Kentucky, on July 31, 1921. His father, Whitney M. Young, Sr., was the president of the Lincoln Institute, and served twice as the president of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association. Whitney's mother, Laura (Ray) Young, was a teacher who served as the first female postmistress in Kentucky (second in the United States), being appointed to that position by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940. Young enrolled in the Lincoln Institute at the age of 13, graduating as his class valedictorian, with his sister Margaret becoming salutatorian, in 1937.
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Born: 1921, Shelby County
Died: 1971, Lagos

Alternate Names: Young, Whitney M. Whitney M. Young papers., Young, Whitney M., Young, Whitney Moore, 1921-1971., Young, Whitney, Young, Whitney M., Jr, Young, Whitney M. 1921-1971, Whitney M. Young, Jr., Young, Whitney, 1922-1971., Young, Whitney Moore (Jr.) 1921-1971, Young, Whitney Moore, 1921-, Young, Whitney M. 1922-1971., Whitney Young Jr., Whitney Moore Young Jr., Whitney Moore Young, Whitney M. Young Jr, Whitney M. Young
Occupation(s): politician, Sociologists, Journalists
Associated Place(s): United States

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