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Tyrone Guthrie
Sir William Tyrone Guthrie (2 July 1900 – 15 May 1971) was an English theatrical director instrumental in the founding of the Stratford Festival of Canada, the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at his family's ancestral home, Annaghmakerrig, near Newbliss in County Monaghan, Ireland. He is famous for his original approach to Shakespearean and modern drama. Guthrie was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, the son of Dr. Thomas Clement Guthrie (a grandson of the Scottish preacher Thomas Guthrie) and Norah Power. His mother was the daughter of Sir William James Tyrone Power, Commissary-General-in-chief of the British Army from 1863 to 1869 and Martha, daughter of Dr. John Moorhead of Annaghmakerrig House and his Philadelphia-born wife, Susan (née Allibone) Humphreys.
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Born: 1900, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Died: 1971, Newbliss

Alternate Names: Guthrie, Tyrone, Sir, 1900-1971, Guthrie, Tyrone, 1900-1971, Guthrie, Tyrone., Guthrie, William Tyrone, 1900-1971, Guthrie, Sir, William Tyrone, 1900-1971, Guthrie, William Tyrone, Guthrie, William Tyrone, Sir, 1900-1971, William Tyrone Guthrie, W. Tyrone Guthrie, Sir William Tyrone Guthrie, Sir Tyrone Guthrie
Occupation(s): theatrical director, film director, poet, actor, screenwriter, Directors
Field(s) of Work: directing
Employer(s): BBC

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