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George McGovern
George Stanley McGovern (July 19, 1922 – October 21, 2012) was an American historian and South Dakota politician who was a U.S. representative and three-term U.S. senator, and the Democratic Party presidential nominee in the 1972 presidential election. McGovern grew up in Mitchell, South Dakota, where he became a renowned debater. He volunteered for the U.S. Army Air Forces upon the country's entry into World War II. As a B-24 Liberator pilot, he flew 35 missions over German-occupied Europe from a base in Italy. Among the medals he received was a Distinguished Flying Cross for making a hazardous emergency landing of his damaged plane and saving his crew. After the war he earned degrees from Dakota Wesleyan University and Northwestern University, culminating in a PhD, and served as a history professor. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1956 and re-elected in 1958. After a failed bid for the U.S. Senate in 1960, he was a successful candidate in 1962.
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Born: 1922, Avon
Died: 2012, Sioux Falls

Alternate Names: McGovern, George S. (George Stanley), 1922-2012, マクガバン, 1922-2012, George S. McGovern, George Stanley McGovern
Occupation(s): autobiographer, peace activist, university teacher, historian, diplomat, politician, Army officers, Authors, Diplomats, Historians, Legislators, Politicians, Presidential candidates, Professors (teacher), Representatives, U.S. Congress, Senators, U.S. Congress
Associated Place(s): Avon, Stratford, Rome, Saint Augustine Beach, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Mundelein, Calgary, District of Columbia, Chevy Chase, New Orleans

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