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Clifford Durr
Clifford Judkins Durr (March 2, 1899 – May 12, 1975) was an Alabama lawyer who played an important role in defending activists and others accused of disloyalty during the New Deal and McCarthy eras. He also was the lawyer who represented Rosa Parks in her challenge to the constitutionality of the ordinance, due to the infamous segregation of passengers on buses in Montgomery. This is what launched the 1955-1956 Montgomery bus boycott. Durr was born into a patrician Alabama family. After studying at the University of Alabama, being president of his class, he went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He returned to the United States to study law, then joined a prominent law firm in Birmingham, Alabama in 1924. In 1926 he married Virginia Foster, whose sister, Josephine, would be the first wife of Hugo Black.
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Born: 1899, Montgomery
Died: 1975, Elmore County

Alternate Names: Durr, Clifford J. (Clifford Judkins), 1899-1975, Durr, Clifford, Durr, Clifford J. 1899-1975, Durr, Clifford J. (Clifford Judkins), 1899-, Durr, Clifford J. 1899-, Durr, Clifford, 1899-1975, Durr, Clifford (Clifford Judkins), 1899-1975., Durr, Clifford Judkins 1899-1975, Clifford Judkins Durr
Occupation(s): lawyer
Associated Place(s): United States