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Burton Paulu (June 25, 1910 – March 8, 2003) was a pioneer in American educational radio and television, an internationally recognized scholar of comparative broadcasting, and a lifelong lover of classical music. Based for five decades at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Paulu was the author of five books and dozens of articles on radio and television in Great Britain and on the continent of Europe. His work introduced American scholars and the interested public to broadcasting systems in Eastern and Western European countries where the role of the government and of advertising contrasted sharply with US practices. He taught and lectured widely in the US and Europe and held three appointments in the journalism department of Moscow State University, the first at a time when academic contacts between the US and the then - Soviet Union were rare and the last, when he was 81 years old, as the Soviet Union was collapsing.
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Born: 1910, Wisconsin
Died: 2003

Alternate Names: Paulu, Burton, 1910-, Paulu, Burton, 1910-2003, Paulu, Burton
Occupation(s): radio personality
Field(s) of Work: broadcasting
Employer(s): University of Minnesota

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National Association of Educational Broadcasters (NAEB) 70

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