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Cleveland Metropolitan School District, formerly the Cleveland Municipal School District, is a public school district in the U.S. state of Ohio that serves almost all of the city of Cleveland. The district covers 79 square miles. The Cleveland district is the second largest PreK-12 district in the state, with a 2017–2018 enrollment of about 38,949. CMSD has 68 schools that are for kindergarten to eighth grade students and 39 schools for high school aged students. In 2005 and in years following, the system faced large budget shortfalls and repeated possibility of slipping back into "academic emergency" as rated by the Ohio Department of Education. The mayor was given control of the city schools after a series of elected school boards were deemed ineffective by city voters. The school board appoints a chief executive officer, the equivalent of a district superintendent, who is responsible for district management. CMSD is the only district in Ohio that is under direct control of the mayor, who appoints a school board. The former chairman of the Board of Education, Robert M. Heard Sr., was appointed July 1, 2007 by Mayor Frank G. Jackson, and CEO's appointed included Barbara Byrd Bennett and Eugene Sanders. In response to declining enrollment over more than a decade and the corresponding growth in charter schools in the city, the District took several steps to improve academic performance and increase graduation rates. In the 2007–08 school year, the District changed its name to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to attract students throughout the region.
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Alternate Names: Cleveland Public Schools, Cleveland (Ohio) Cleveland Public Schools, Cleveland (Ohio) Public Schools, Cleveland Municipal School District
Associated Place(s): Cleveland, United States of America