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Allen Ginsberg
Irwin Allen Ginsberg (/ˈɡɪnzbɜːrɡ/; June 3, 1926 – April 5, 1997) was an American poet and writer. As a student at Columbia University in the 1940s, he began friendships with William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, forming the core of the Beat Generation. He vigorously opposed militarism, economic materialism, and sexual repression, and he embodied various aspects of this counterculture with his views on drugs, sex, multiculturalism, hostility to bureaucracy, and openness to Eastern religions. Ginsberg is best known for his poem "Howl", in which he denounced what he saw as the destructive forces of capitalism and conformity in the United States. San Francisco police and US Customs seized "Howl" in 1956, and it attracted widespread publicity in 1957 when it became the subject of an obscenity trial, as it described heterosexual and homosexual sex at a time when sodomy laws made (male) homosexual acts a crime in every state. The poem reflected Ginsberg's own sexuality and his relationships with a number of men, including Peter Orlovsky, his lifelong partner. Judge Clayton W. Horn ruled that "Howl" was not obscene, stating: "Would there be any freedom of press or speech if one must reduce his vocabulary to vapid innocuous euphemisms?"
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Born: 1926, Newark
Died: 1997, East Village

Alternate Names: Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997, Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-, Ginsberg, Allen, Гинзберг, Аллен, 1926-1997, ギンズバーグ, アレン, Ginsberg, Allan 1926-1997, Ginsberg, Irwin Allen, 1926-1997, Gīnasabārga, Ayālena, 1926-1997, Ginzberg, Alen 1926-1997, גינזברג, אלן, Ginzberg, Allen, 1926-1997, Ginsberg, Allen 1997, Alen Ginzberg, Irwin Allen Ginsberg, Ayālena Gīnasabārga
Occupation(s): teacher, writer, photographer, screenwriter, diarist, autobiographer, musician, playwright, poet, Photographers, Poets, Poets, American, Authors
Field(s) of Work: literature
Employer(s): Brooklyn College
Associated Place(s): United States, Calcutta (India), Vancouver (B.C.), Chile, India, Kansas City (Kan.), Brazil, New York (State)--New York, China, Tibet Autonomous Region (China), Cuba, Africa, North