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Mulford Quickert Sibley (1912–1989) was a professor of political science at the University of Minnesota. He was a controversial figure because he advocated positions such as socialism and pacifism at a time (the McCarthy era of the 1950s) when these were highly unpopular. A prolific author and essayist, Sibley wrote extensively on pacifism, utopianism, and civil disobedience. A collection of his papers at the Minnesota Historical Society includes correspondence, literary works, and teaching materials. Both in his classes and at political rallies, Sibley often spoke out against the Vietnam War. The University of Minnesota retains an inventory of the Sibley papers.
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Born: 1912
Died: 1989

Alternate Names: Sibley, Mulford Quickert, Sibley, Mulford Q., Sibley, Mulford Quickert, 1912-1989, Sibley, Mulford Q. (Mulford Quickert), Paulavičius, Andrius, Соколов, Николай Григорьевич
Occupation(s): political scientist, Pacifists, Political scientists, Quakers, Educators
Associated Place(s): Minnesota, United States