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Ralph Eugene Lapp (August 24, 1917 – September 7, 2004) was an American physicist who participated in the Manhattan Project. He was born in Buffalo, New York, and attended the University of Chicago. After completing his graduate studies at the university he joined the Manhattan Project and became the assistant Director of the Metallurgical Laboratory. He then accepted a position with the War Department General Staff as a scientific advisor on atomic energy. When the research and development board was formed, Doctor Lapp became executive director of its committee on atomic energy. After this he acted as head of the Nuclear Physics branch of the Office of Naval Research. He wrote Nuclear Radiation Biology, A Nuclear Reference Manual, Must We Hide ?, and assisted Doctor H.L. Andrews from the National Institute of Health in writing Nuclear Radiation Physics. He became an activist later in life and wrote a book, Victims of the Super Bomb (1957).
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Born: 1917, Buffalo
Died: 2004

Alternate Names: Lapp, Ralph E., 1917-2004, Lapp, Ralph E. (Ralph Eugene), 1917-, Lapp, Ralph Eugene, 1917-2004, Lapp, Ralph Eugene, 1917-, Lapp, Ralph, Lapp, Ralph Eugene, Lapp, R. E. 1917-, Lapp, R. E. 1917- (Ralph Eugene),, Lapp, Ralph E., Lapp, R. E. 1917-2004 (Ralph Eugene),, Lewis, Ernest Michael Roy, 1913-1996, Lėpp, Ralʹf, 1917-, Lėpp, Ralʹf, 1917-2004, ラップ, ラルフ・E, Lèpp, R., ラツプラルフE 1917-, ラツプラルフE., 1917-2004, RE Lapp, Ralph Eugene Lapp, Ralph E. Lapp, Ralph E Lapp, R.E. Lapp, R. E. Lapp, R E Lapp
Occupation(s): physicist

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