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Selig Perlman
Selig Perlman (December 9, 1888 – August 14, 1959) was an economist and labor historian at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Perlman was born in Białystok in Congress Poland (then part of Russia) in 1888. His father, Mordecai, was a Jewish merchant who supplied yarn and thread to home weavers and was a friend of Maxim Litvinov's father.[citation needed]
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Born: 1888, Białystok
Died: 1959

Alternate Names: Perlman, Selig, 1888-1959, Perlman, Selig, 1888-, Perlman, Selig, Perlman, Selig, b. 1888, パールマン, セリグ
Occupation(s): historian
Employer(s): University of Wisconsin–Madison
Associated Place(s): United States