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Walter Judd
Walter Henry Judd or I-te Chou (September 25, 1898 – February 13, 1994; his Chinese name is 周以德), was an American politician and physician, best known for his battle in Congress (1943–63) to define the conservative position on China as all-out support for the Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek and opposition to the Communists under Mao Zedong. After the Nationalists fled to Formosa (Taiwan) in 1949, Judd redoubled his support. Judd was born in Rising City, Nebraska, the son of Mary Elizabeth (Greenslit) and Horace Hunter Judd. After training with the ROTC for the United States Army near the end of World War I, he earned his M.D. degree at the University of Nebraska in 1923. Next, he became the Traveling Secretary for the Student Volunteer Movement.
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Born: 1898, Rising City
Died: 1994, Mitchellville

Alternate Names: Judd, Walter H., 1898-1994, Judd, Walter Henry, 1898-1994, Judd, Walter Henry, 1898-, Judd, Walter H. 1898-, Judd, Walter H., Judd, Walter Henry, Judd, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., Walter Henry Judd
Occupation(s): superintendent, teaching, politician, secretary, Legislators, Missionaries, Missionaries, Medical, Statesmen
Field(s) of Work: medicine
Associated Place(s): United States, Minneapolis (Minn.), China, China., Minnesota, Minnesota--Minneapolis, Taiwan, Silver Bay (N.Y.)., Silver Bay (N.Y.)

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