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Baruch "Barry" Ulanov (April 10, 1918 – April 30, 2000) was an American writer, perhaps best known as a jazz critic. Barry Ulanov was born in Manhattan, New York City. He received early instruction on the violin from his father Nathan who was concertmaster for Arturo Toscanini's NBC Symphony Orchestra. He ceased playing the instrument after a car crash in which he broke both wrists. He studied at Columbia University taking his BA there in 1939. While at Columbia, he joined the Boar's Head Society and wrote about jazz and also attended jazz concerts, including an early performance of "Strange Fruit" by Billie Holiday at the Café Society.
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Born: 1918, New York City
Died: 2000, New York City

Alternate Names: Ulanov, Barry, Ulanov, Barry 1918-2000, Ulanov.
Occupation(s): journalist, art historian, university teacher, music critic, writer
Field(s) of Work: jazz
Employer(s): Columbia University