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Allen Tate
John Orley Allen Tate (November 19, 1899 – February 9, 1979), known professionally as Allen Tate, was an American poet, essayist, social commentator, and poet laureate from 1943 to 1944. Tate was born near Winchester, Kentucky, to John Orley Tate, a Kentucky businessman and Eleanor Parke Custis Varnell from Virginia. On the Bogan side of her grandmother's family Eleanor Varnell was a distant relative of George Washington; she left Tate a copper luster pitcher that Washington had ordered from London for his sister.
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Born: 1899, Fairfax County, Winchester
Died: 1979, Nashville

Alternate Names: Tate, Allen, 1899-1979, Tate, Allen, 1899-, Tate, Allen, Tate, John Orley Allen, 1899-1979, Tate, Allen (John Orley Allen), 1899-1979, Tate, Orley Allen 1899-, Tate, Orley Allen, 1899-1979, Tate, Orley Allen., テイト, アレン, Tate, John Orley Allen, John Orley Allen Tate
Occupation(s): literary critic, university teacher, poet, writer, Poets, American
Employer(s): University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota system, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Associated Place(s): United States, New Jersey--Princeton

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